Hair Price List

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Womens' Cuts    
Wet Cut   $47
Dry Cut   $39
High School   $29
Intermediate   $26
Primary School   $20
Under 5   $18
Restyle   from $61
Fringe Trim $10
Mens' Cuts    
Cut   $30
Clipper Cut  (all over) $18
High School, Intermediate and Primary as above
Blow Wave   $34
with Cut $59
Set $34
with Cut   $59
GHD straighten (includes wash) $38
Trial Hair-Up $40
Complex Hair-Up (e.g. Bridal, Ball)   $88
GHD Curls   from $65
Intensive Moisture Treatment   $35
SP Alchemy Treatment $54
Tint Short Hair   $80
with Cut $105
Tint Mid-length  $95
with Cut   $120
Tint Long Hair    $120
with Cut  $145
Semi Short Hair   $80
with Cut $105
Semi Mid-length  $95
with Cut   $120
Semi Long Hair   $120
with Cut $145
Full Head Bleach with Toner   $127
with Cut $147
Slices of Colour   from $45
Less than T-Section   $6 per foil
T-Section Short/Re-touch   $93
with Cut $125
T-Section Mid-length $103
with Cut   $135
T-Section Long Hair   $113
with Cut   $145
Half-Head Short/Re-touch    $113
with Cut $145
Half-Head Mid-length $123
with Cut   $155
Half-Head Long Hair   $133
with Cut   $165
Full Head Short/Re-touch   $143
with Cut $175
Full Head Mid-length $163
with Cut   $195
Full Head Long Hair   $183
with Cut   $215
Add on Toner   $17
Add on Straighten or Blow Wave   $20
Toner   $45
Permanent Wave
Short Hair   $77
with Cut $107
Mid-length Hair $97
with Cut   $127
Long Hair   $107
with Cut   $137
Add on Blow Wave/Set   $20
Special Occasion
Trial Hair-Up $45
Complex Hair-Up (e.g. Bridal, Ball)   $88
GHD Curls   from $65
Intensive Moisture Treatment   $25

The first step to having the luscious looks you have always wanted. An indulgent hair masque formulated to pamper your hair and scalp whilst treating any of your concerns.

Three Step Treatment   $45

The ultimate step in pampering for your hair and scalp. A strictly personalised 3 step Redken treatment programme designed to treat, heal and lock in precious nutrients to restore your hair's natural glory.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment    
Get your smooth on with the Keratin complex award-winning Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment and enjoy frizz free fabulous hair.

It won't matter if your hair is over processed, coloured or bleached.

The Keratin complex is guaranteed to make your hair Super Smooth Silky and absolutely resistant to humidity and frizz. Keratin complex will also cut your styling time in half as the hair dries smoother and requires less styling.
Short Hair   from $280
Mid-Length Hair   from $320
Long Hair   from $400
Blow Out Treatment    
Blow-out Treatment   from $160
Add on blow out to colour service   from $100
(prices dependent on length of hair)    
Cancellation Policy

We understand that everyone experiences changes of plan from time to time. However, when you book an appointment, you are reserving a therapist's time exclusively.

Cancellations made the day before a scheduled appointment will incur a 30% fee.
It is with much reluctance that we have been forced to impose this charge, but we cannot accommodate cancellations with such short notice, because we are often unable to rebook these lost appointments.


Times allowed for our treatments are generous, but arriving late will limit the time for your treatment - potentially reducing its effectiveness and your pleasure. Your treatment will end on time so the next guest is not delayed.

Note: Prices subject to change without notice


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